Reflection Of The 3 Weeks ~ Last Post

Things I have learned from this blogging class is to don’t get so distracted to media, but also know that there is good things to media literacy. I believe I will meet this goal.

My physical world class tought me about AG. across the world. Learned about all the different kinds of plants. The latin names. Did experiments, some were cool, some did gross me out.. But pretty cool to learn the history that most don’t understand and need to.

But my favorite memory of HSI was enjoying the experiences. New friends and having fun. Having late nights with my roommate. My friend Liza and I always making jokes and roasting each other. Just laughing with everyone and somewhat getting in trouble but have fun. Being obnoxious to my favorite PC, Mariah. Ill miss everyone, but it was a very fun 3 weeks of college experience. Expecially Taco Bell, that was pretty freaking great;)

I think I have grown to be different over the past 3 weeks, I used to be afraid to interact and here, I got a away and experienced being more different and bettering myself. I have become more outgoing and I believe I have left an impression on everyone. I very well enjoyed the experience. Excited to come back for the reunion.

HSI prepared me to show how college life will be, moving away from all your friends and meeting new ones is difficult, but creating new experiences is also fun. If I could re- live HSI what I could do different is maybe explore more around the campus. But in other words I think I had the full experience. In a way;’)

When I arrive back home, Ill tell my friends my exciting adventures.

First Week
(Me and Liza, first week)

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