Questions You Can Answer:) ~ And I Answered Too;)

  1. What kind of media routines do you have? Think through your day from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep. Media routines throughout the day that I have when I wake up till I go to sleep is once I wake up I check my phone to see what time it is and what kind of messages that I have received throughout he night. Then every now and then I just get on my phone throughout the day. Night, I text a few people, maybe even watch Netflix. But I then go to sleep.
  2. How much of your media consumption is news? Name some sources you get your news from. Why do you use these sources? Why do you trust your news sources? Is the news you consume slanted or bias in anyway? How much do your parents impact your news diet? I don’t consume very much news from my media. But if I do want to know something, Google or my Facebook page helps me out what’s going on around me. I use these resources for me because I don’t zone into the news as much. I believe I would be more afraid to leave my house knowing there might be a serial killer on the loose than not knowing and still have fun (even know it might be beneficial to know if there is, but still be afraid to come out even if they catch that person:)). I guess I could say the news I see can be bias. My parents tend to think the same way about the news.
  3. How much of your media is entertainment and sports? What are your favorite entertainment sources? For example, TV shows, websites, movies, books, gaming, etc. Why do you use these entertainment sources? How much time do you spend with entertainment? Does it interfere with other aspects of life, like your social life or academic life? To what extent do your parents regulate your exposure to entertainment? Are they more lenient now then in the past because you’re in high school? How much of my media is entertainment and sports is not very much as well unless I’m by myself and watching Netflix:) My favorite entertainment sources are either Netflix or Amazon Prime ~ Which includes my favorite show and movie from both these entertainment sources, The Ranch and 13 Hours. Why I use these entertainment sources is because I love my quiet time and when I get the chance to have that, I can relax and watch my show or find a movie. Fair amount of use. I will say my media can interfere with life so much sometimes I don’t get out of the house when I can be hanging with friends or going on walks, just doing something. My parents do make sure I can use my time wisely and when they want me to stop with my tech that day, I shall stop. They are more on me since I am a teen and teens tend to be on social media a lot.
  4. What improvements should you make to your media routines? How do you need to improve the quality or quantity of your media routines? What improvements I should make to my social media routine is to slow it down a bit. Don’t be engaged to my tech as much. Get out and do things. Try to hide my phone and actually get engaged with life. Don’t bring my phone to school with me or something, so when my phone goes off I don’t become more engaged with it and  not learn anything.




1 thought on “Questions You Can Answer:) ~ And I Answered Too;)

  1. Awesome!! I like how you made this post interactive, and you’re answers are really amazing.


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