The Start Of Class

engeenering buildingbuildings(Few photos of some of the campus buildings and me in front of the engineering building)

After a couple of days, we started class. The one I have in the mornings, started this blog I put on. Recently we have taken pictures, as this class is photography class for to show what happens here at UW on this blog.

I have other classes but this is the one class that started this blog and more willing to show more. I mean this is the class I should talk about besides my Ag. I mean if your willing to listen about Ag, more than welcome to comment.

But these are just the few on campus photos. Reminder, the campus is huge and spread out. Which this isn’t all photos, all over the campus. Just photos by geology center.grass

(Call this photo a bit of a blur, shows the grass in front blurring the background of some of the campus a little)

To continue that has been happening recently, today is Wednesday. The day we started doing pictures. On Tuesday, is the day we started our classes. Arrived here on Sunday. First class of mine is photography and blogging media, second is Ag. Our seminars change each week. My first week seminar is poetry and art of changing. My second week is my book club. My third week is a mystery because I haven’t heard what I shall be doing. But that’s just a bit of what has been going on so far.

Contrast on more my friends body and blurring out the dinosaur, which is in ront of the Geology Muesum.

(My friend Liza Hermansky)

My beautiful friend Liza Hermansky demonstrates one of my favorite photos… because it actually looks like I’m taking photography class and doesn’t look bad:) But besides the point… this photo is one of my favorites for this class so far, pretty great photo. But just had to show this photo besides it being my main photo on this blog:)





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